Add Digg Control

By Daniel Einspanjer Last update Jul 19, 2007 — Installed 1,829 times.

Script Summary: Adds a 'digg this' control to any page visited by clicking a news link from a summary page and also to any article page. The control is tweaked to allow you to digg without navigating away from the page.

When I visit, I tend to skim through the summaries on the front page and open in background tabs any articles that sound interesting. The problem with this method is it isn't easy to go back and digg the articles I liked (especially if I went through multiple pages of digg summaries). This extension / Greasemonkey user script fixes that problem by adding a 'digg this' control to any page linked by a digg summary article.

Note: Native extension form available on the homepage for anyone who doesn't use Greasemonkey.

0.9 Fixes a breakage caused by a recent change.