Large NFO Reader

By AyoobAli Last update Jun 10, 2010 — Installed 236 times.

Script Summary: View NFO files on, and direct download of the NFO

Version: 1.0.0

License: Free

Remotely hosted version

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This script allows you to download the NFO files directly from instead of going to then download the NFO.

And when moving the mouse over any NFO link it will show a popup window to read the NFO file.

There is two ways to read the NFO, either as "Image" Or "Text".
Its always better to click the download link and open the NFO file if you want to copy the whole thing with the special characters. Because the NFO file has to be downloaded, for some reason when you open it with the browser it will not recognize most of the special characters. But it will be fine for copying the text.

To change the script settings, edit the script, in the first couple lines:-

here you can select the View Mode, if you want the NFO file to be shown as Image keep the ViewMode as 'image'. If you want it as Text change the ViewMode to 'text'
var ViewMode = 'image';

To change the font size of the NFO text (on the ViewMode), change the value in here. [Font size in pixel]
var NfoFontSize = '10';

To DISABLE changing the NFO links to the direct download link, change this to '2'
var NFOtoDWN = '1';