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By eyecatchUp Last update Jun 30, 2010 — Installed 14,865 times.

Script Summary: Removes application messages (FarmVille, MafiaWars etc) and system messages (X likes Y, X joined group Y etc) from the news stream and advertisement and suggestion boxes from the sidebar.

Version: 1.4.3

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Today (30.06.2010) Facebook changed something on their ajaxloader, so blocking application posts doesn't work anymore with the old versions.

I uploaded a first fix, so you block the sidebar ads etc.
The fix for application posts will take a few days, as i'm too busy. As soon as i'm ready i will update the code.

See it in action
That's the usual Facebook view
And that's Facebook when this script is enabled

Want to get rid of advertisements, suggestions and other useless stuff on Facebook?

This script will:

  • remove Application-Messages from newsstream (FarmVille, MafiaWars etc.)
  • remove 'Friend-X-likes-Blablabla'-Messages from newsstream
  • remove 'Friend-X-becomes-a-friend'-Messages from newsstream
  • remove 'Friend-X-joined-Group-X'-Messages from newsstream
  • set the visibilty of all the sidebar ads to hidden
  • set the visibilty of the sidebar suggestion boxes to hidden
  • set the visibilty of the sidebar connect box to hidden

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Home @:

Enjoy your ad-free Facebook-experience! ;-)


  • 1.4.3 Added div id for reqbox
  • 1.4.2 Added div id for new betabox
  • 1.4.1 Added Story ID for application posts
  • 1.4 Now removes 'Like'-, 'Now-is-friend'- and 'Joined-group'-Messages from newsstream
  • 1.3 Added class for suggestion boxes on reqs.php, id for pokebox and sidebar ads on photo.php
  • 1.2 Added div for suggestion boxes
  • 1.1 Added ad div for the personal group overview page

The Author is in no way affiliated or associated with Facebook Inc.. It might violate their TOS using this script!? Use at own risk.