Ikariam Automated Trade Routes

By Unhappy User Last update Jun 6, 2010 — Installed 9,592 times.

Script Summary: ### 1 trade route isn't good enough ? ### Why not try Ikariam Automated Trade Routes...

Version: 7

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Working with Ikariam v0.3.4

Why you should use this script ?

This script can offer you

  • Access to an unlimited number of trade routes per account FOR FREE.
  • A way to automate the wine exchange between all of your cities.

Known limitation

Except for the first trade route, the "extend" button does not work.

Workaround: delete and recreate free trade routes.

Available translations:

[EN]English, [ES]Spanish, [DE]German, [FR]French, [LV]Latvian, [PL]Polish, [RU]Russian, [TR]Turkish

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