Youtube, Focus the Video

By ScriptKeeper Last update Mar 25, 2013 — Installed 1,184 times.

Script Summary: This script sets the focus to the video so that the various keyboard shortcuts can be used. Works well with FlashBlock.

Version: 3.1


I'm not currently supporting this script. Use YouTube Center instead.

Youtube has several keyboard shortcuts, which are great for power-users. Unfortunately, they only work when the video has focus and it does not, upon page load. This script corrects that, so that no foolish mouse-waving is needed. It also works well with the FlashBlock extension. For reference, the known keyboard shortcuts are currently:
    Spacebar        = Play or Pause a video

    Left Arrow      = Rewind 10%
    Right Arrow     = Fast forward  10%

    Up Arrow        = Increase Volume
    Down Arrow      = Decrease Volume

    F key           = Full screen view
    Esc key         = Exit full screen view

    The control, shift and alt keys don't seem to have any effect on arrow magnitude.