By KosciaK Last update May 26, 2010 — Installed 205 times.

Script Summary: Hide comments written by trolls on Google Buzz

Version: 0.2.2

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New version 0.2!

Just click on the Troll? link (next to Comment, Like and E-mail buttons) and pick a troll from a box.
You can see the list of trolls next by clicking on Trolls: [counter] next to Followers count.
You can click [...] to see hidden comment, and click [hide] to hide it again.

Here's gif animation showing TrollEyBuzz in action.

Script was tested in Firefox 3.0.x
Unfortunately new version is not working in Google Chrome anymore (problems with GM_setValue and GM_getValue)

Script works only in Google Buzz embedded in Gmail.

0.2.2 - bugfix (script sometimes stops working after few hours, should be fixed now)
0.2.1 - minor bugfix
0.2 - lots of changes: no need to edit source code to change troll list, add and remove trolls in real time
0.1 - initial version