Textarea Backup

By broquaint Last update Apr 10, 2009 — Installed 127,555 times.

Script Summary: Retains text entered into textareas.

The primary purpose of this userscript is to save having to retype lost emails, forum posts, bug submissions, etc. The backup should be transparent so if the page is reloaded for whatever reason, be it browser crash, unintended exit or a forgetful website, the previously entered text will be restored.

When you enter text into a textarea (i.e multiline text input areas) it is saved under the following conditions:
  • At each keystroke.
  • Every second.
  • When the textarea loses focus.
The stored text is then dropped when its form is submitted.


  1. Gmail Cc:, Bcc: bug fixed.
  2. Backups saved more frequently.
  3. Now warns on restoring over existing content.
  4. Ability to restore from a previous backup via the Userscript Commands menu.
  5. Backups are now reset on forms which are submitted via the submit() method.
  6. Added support for UTF8 (thanks to wind for that).


  • Entries in about:config cannot be removed via the userscript, this is a limitation in the current GreaseMonkey API.
  • On occasion an older copy of text remains backed up, this may be due to conflicting JavaScript interactions.