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Script Summary: Automaticly builds, send resources, train troops and farm in travian. Crop/farm finder. Report analyzing, SMS sending. Multilanguage supported. ALL FEATURES work on T4! Install video:

Version: 4.72

Script homepage

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On T4 and T4.2 work all features!


  • Tutorials about script: Library
  • Tutorials, pictures and other things, created by our comunity Media

  • Features:

  • Building:The script allows you to set list of buildings that needs to be build. Script will build buildings when there will be enought resources.
  • Farming:The script allows you to set list of farms that needs to be attacked. Script will attack them when there will be enought units.
  • Trader:The script allows you to set to send resources in other villages. You can send to your own villages or others, you can set 1-time sending or repeated sending of resources.
  • Troop trainer:The script allows you to set to number of units to be trained once or every x minutes.
  • Crop/farm finder:The script allows you to find farms and c15/c9 villages.
  • Crop/farm/oases finder: You can search for oases with elephants!
  • Gold club farming
  • Automated coping TravianTactics farmlist into goldclub farmlist
  • Golder
  • Demolsih
  • Upgrade armor
  • Hero tasks
  • Attack builder
  • Working time

  • Builder:

  • Create a list of buildings that you want to build
  • Script will automaticly build buildings as soon as possible

  • Farming

  • Create a list of farms and set troops you want to be sent to each of them
  • Script will automaticly send units to farms repeatedly

  • Trader

  • Create a list of tasks for trading resources
  • Script will automaticly send resources to set location
  • You can set repeated tasks(every X minutes)
  • You can set task to empty some of your villages and fill resources to another

  • Troop trainer

  • Create a list of tasks for training troops
  • You can train troops once or every X minutes

  • Crop/farm finder

  • Find c9 or c15 villages
  • Find farms and oases, add them to farmlist

  • Gold club farming

  • Farm using goldclub farmlist
  • You can easyli create goldclub farmlists by copying them from TtravianTactics farmlist

  • Golder

  • Get free gold
  • Like us on facebook, post things in media or Library

  • Demoslih

  • Set buildings you want to demolsih

  • Hero tasks

  • Auto send hero to adavntures

  • Attack builder

  • Set units to attack village in multiple waves at specified time

  • Armor upgrade

  • Set troops of which you want to upgrade armor

  • Working time

  • Set when script should work and when not

  • Interface

  • New interface has been created for easier adding tasks to list.

  • To be added in future:

  • Improved look
  • Connacting with other players
  • More(your suggestions)...

  • This script does not bring up captcha.

    Languages supported:

    Works on all servers