eRepublik Company Helper

By Froghut Last update Aug 16, 2010 — Installed 9,119 times.

Script Summary: This script greatly helps company owners. It gathers prices of the markets you can sell to and calculates the price you would have to sell your products at, including taxes etc. It will also show the price of your products in gold for every market.

Version: 2.2.7


Version 2.2 now adds the ability to filter the market data querys by customization points (like the normal market page). Employee page is still not working, but I'm on it.

What do all the numbers mean?
    • The lowest entry in the market, how many pieces at what price
    • Hover with the mouse here and you get a tooltip showing the current 10 cheapest market entries
      • When the number of products is red it means you don't have enough products in store to compete with that offer
      • When you have a market offer in the top10 list it will get highlighted in green
    • Click on entries in the tooltip to fill those values into the sell boxes
    • The price you would have to sell your products at to compete with the current lowest price
    • When you are currently selling items on this market you will get a little number in (), that means what place your offer is on the market
    • The price of one product in gold (to compare different markets etc)

Verison History:

Verison 2.1 is a bugfix release

Version 2.0 is eRepublik V2 compatible! =)

Version 1.8 brings enhancements for the employee page. It will show the amount of money all salaries and raw materials will cost if all employees work and also the total profit and how much each employee generates.

Version 1.7 brings a graph for the raw resources your company needs. It searches through the offers of all qualities, finds the cheapest one and adjusts the "Buy raw materials" link so it opens the market showing products of that quality.

Version 1.6 brings a gold price history graph that shows the price history of the last 3 days. Hover with your mouse over the graph to see the actual values. Right now 3 pixels are 1 hour. Also note that gold price history will only be recorded when market prices are refreshed, either by loading the company page or clicking refresh market data, or if you leave the browser open on the company page automatically every hour.

Feedback would be appreciated!