Google Search Re/Move Left-hand Sidebar

By Danilo Roascio Last update Aug 1, 2011 — Installed 3,758 times.

Script Summary: This script moves the new Google Search navigation/tools sidebar to the right of the page, shifting the search results back to the left.

Version: 1.7.0

Copyright: 2011, Danilo Roascio

License: GPL v3 or any later version (

Optionally, it's possible to remove the navigation menu completely setting true the removeSidebarCompletely variable (see source code). This reverts the page to the usual Google Search look.

Since August 2010, this script automatically removes advertisement from Web search. To show sponsored links and other banners, set to false the removeSponsoredLinks variable (see source code).


08/01/2011Works with Google's new layout.
09/08/2010Now works with Instant search!
09/07/2010Safer and improved includes, now should trigger in every Google use case.
Better performances too.
08/30/2010Works with the new JS-loaded Web search pages!
Works with the new Images search!
Added option to remove advertising! (ON by default, see source code to disable.)
Works better with advertising enabled.
Improved performance, most of the times sidebar is moved before the page appears.
Added auto-updater.
Updated Google SSL compatibility.
Updated Wonder wheel compatibility.
06/03/2010Google SSL ( is now included.
05/27/2010Now works in Images and renders better in some other occasions.
05/07/2010Added option to completely remove the new bar. See source code for configuration variable.
05/05/2010Now works with Wonder wheel too.