Ritzpix.com Slideshow Capture

By bollwyvl Last update Apr 21, 2010 — Installed 190 times.

Script Summary: Captures image URLs from ritzpix.com slideshows so you can download them to your hard drive.

So I went to a wedding, and wanted to download the professional photos to make a book for someone who couldn't attend. The photographer posted the images on ritzpix.com. This site is ridiculous. After spending half an hour (slooowly) looking through their site, I decided there had to be a better way. Their solution, PhotoSync Pro, costs money. No, thanks!

This short, safe, but very alpha, script will create a text box at the top of the screen once you are looking at a single image in an album on ritzpix.com. Whenever a new image is shown in the large image display, it will capture the URL and original filename. If you turn on the "slideshow" function, it will just keep harvesting the links into the textbox. I tested this against 700 pictures (wedding, remember?) with the slideshow set to do 2 second intervals.

The current output (what is left in the text box) is a list of wget commands: sorry about that, non command-line folk. Wget can definitely make your life better: here's a good place to start. If someone knows of a better thing to do with this (i.e. plug into a flickr, picasa, etc. web service) I can rework it do that.

Have fun!