YouTube Sort by date

By slow! Last update Apr 18, 2014 — Installed 4,201 times.

Script Summary: Sort YouTube & Google video search results by date. The new default for searching YouTube and Google video, when this script is installed, is to sort the results by date and not by what is termed, "relevance." Also there is a Menu option for columnated result presentation. Duckduckgo results can also be columnated.

Version: 1.4.3

Widescreen Columns

To have youtube and google video search results presented in a three column layout, select from from the GM icon, or from under the Tools menu for GreaseMonkey, "User Script Commands", within that, select "Youtube sort by date -- Toggle columnation."

The defualt number of columns when columnation is on is three(3). To alter this value goto about:config and set the number value of the preference named:
" Sort by date.no_of_cols" results can also be cleaned up and columnated with this script.

In YouTube search changing the page's "Filters" option for sorting will become sticky for that tab. So further searches in that tab in youtube will sort in the manner chosen if it is chosen, otherwise the default with this script is by upload date.