Craigslist Spam Buttons

By Ryan Stille Last update Nov 10, 2012 — Installed 60,090 times.

Script Summary: Displays buttons to flag craigslist items as spam directly from the listing page. Saves you the effort of clicking on the ad and then clicking the flag link.


Update 1/13/2013 - It appears Craigslist has made some changes to their site and this script is not working correctly now. I'll see if I can get it working in the next few weeks.

1.4.1 - 11/10/2012 - I made a small change that a user suggested (thanks Brian). I increased the timeout when waiting for the listing page from 100 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds. Users on slow connections may have had trouble with the short timeout.

From time to time I get emails asking if the script still works with the current Craigslist site. The answer is yes, it does.
I see there have been some reviews saying the script does not work. These people don't say why exactly it isn't working. I imagine they say that because the ad they flagged isn't instantly removed. This has nothing to do with my script, thats just how Craigslist works. One user flagging an ad doesn't necessarily take it down. But please trust me, clicking the "spam" link created by my extension does the exact same thing as going to the ad and clicking on the flag as spam link. I've tested and confirmed this.

1.4 - 7/25/2010 - Updated to check for post still existing before flagging it. Apparently sometimes a listing gets removed (user deletes it, or CL removes it) but it can still be in the index (shows up on the CL category pages or in a search). Trying to flag one of these ads causes CL to suspect your other flags, since a normal user wouldn't be able to flag a removed listing. "Thanks" to the user who sent in this patch.

Also made changes so the 'spam' links are marked if you only view the listing.