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By isamux Last update Apr 24, 2011 — Installed 3,590 times.

Script Summary: Adjusts the appearance of photostream pages depending on the browser's window size.


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Update 2011-04-24: Due to some changes on Flickr the old version is no longer working. Please update to version 1.2.x.
Besides the fixes, Flickr-TopPager is now integrated. So please uninstall "Flick - TopPager" - otherwise you'll get the TopPager twice.
Adjusts the layout of Flickr for visitor with high resolutions (e.g. 1600x1024, 1920x1200). The script adds additional columns to the the table containing the images on the photostream page. This way it uses the whole width of your monitor. Currently the script adjusts the layout on the following pages:
Photostream pages:
Additional columns added depending on browser size.
Favorites pages:
Images are displayed over the whole monitor width.
Set pages:
Images are displayed over the whole monitor width.

Development-Version: A development version (v1.x) of the script can be found at Google Code.