AICN Power Mod

By Maltheus Last update Apr 13, 2010 — Installed 271 times.

Script Summary: Tricks out Ain't It Cool News with all sorts of fixes and new features.

Version: 1.1.2

Copyright: 2010+, Maltheus (

License: GPL version 3 or any later version;

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If you are a regular poster to Ain't it Cool News, you are going to love the "AICN Power Mod". It's a script that fixes a lot of problems with the site and adds new features.

  • Highlight your posts and any post where your user name is referenced. You'll feel as important as Harry and Herc. Don't miss out on those exciting new flame wars about to happen!
  • Automatically inserts newlines into your comments. No more manually adding the < p > or < br > tag. Yay, the return key finally works!
  • Fixes the subject cut-off bug. Everything you can fit in the subject field will be posted as you'll be properly limited to the 64 character maximum.
  • Set up a personal ban list, collapsing the posts of people you've had enough of. Try not to ban people over differences of opinion, that's a total pussy move.
  • Collapses posts with keywords in it, like 'spoiler' or the names of shows you aren't caught up on. No more accidentally finding out that Hurley dies next week on Lost. ;)
  • Expands the size of the comment area (configurable). Now you can see more than three words of your comment at a time.
  • Deletes posts by retarded "first" posters (and second and third -- configurable). I know, I know, it's about fucking time. You're most welcome.
  • Talkback title now appears in browser title bar so you known which talkback you're posting to, without having to scroll up.
  • Favorite posters highlighting. Kind of the opposite of the ban list, it'll highlight posts by the users you most like to read (in a different color than your highlight).
  • Page statistics: total post count, your post count, referenced post count, and the collapsed post count.
  • A talkback history showing the posts you've recently posted to (up to a configurable number).
  • A post summary, with a linkable list of your posts so you can quickly jump to where you left off.
  • All highlight/collapse terms accept regular expression formatting.
  • All background color settings will accept a background image URL as well.
  • Provides a control panel, just under "Top Talkbacks", with access to statistics and settings.

After installing, configure it through the control panel, just under the "Top Talbacks" on the right side of the screen. At a minimum, you'll need to enter your user name for the highlighting to work. Enjoy!