GMail "Send From" Auto Selector

By Shaun Grady Last update Apr 2, 2012 — Installed 7,682 times.

Script Summary: When composing an email, automatically selects your "From" address based on the email recipient(s).


GMail "Send From" Auto Selector

This script is no longer maintained.
Do you have multiple "Send mail as" accounts in your GMail or Google Apps Mail account?
Do you sometimes forget to change it when sending email to specific recipients?
Do you have use your account for send both personal and work email from different addresses?

Here's the solution!

With just a little bit of regular expression, your "From" address is automatically changed based on who you're sending a new email to. It's that simple.

Please note, you must modify the source of the script to change the settings to work for you. If you need assistance, post in the discussion section of this page. Also note, script only checks the "To" field. The "CC" and "BCC" fields are ignored.
Chrome users: This script requires the Tampermonkey browser extension.


  • 03/22/2012: Updated to work with the latest GMail version.
  • 03/26/2010: Google changed the send button class used by the script. Fixed.
  • 03/24/2010: Added Undo link to Address change notification.