youscrobble (VEVO fix+ channels fix)

By xanadus Last update Jan 27, 2013 — Installed 77,414 times.

Script Summary: scrobbles the currently watching youtube video to lastfm features additions: "add to my playlist" and "add to my favorites"...

Version: 0.3


When reporting an error please give following information:
1)youtube URL
2)do you use other Youtube GM scripts or extensions?
3)open the script console, select the errors tab and paste it on the report


Wednesday, 27th Jan 2013
* update for script updater
* new YouTube version compliance

Wednesday, 14th Mar 2012
* update for script updater
* Chrome compatible
* Opera compatible
* YoutubeHTML5 compatible

Sunday, 29th Jan 2012
* YT compliance revision update

Sunday, 21th Aug 2011
* Updated "video data search"
* Updated "script update checker"

Monday, 8th May 2010
* Fix bug in YT channels: scrobbling jumping from movie to movie in user pages

Monday, 22th March 2010
* Fix for YT quicklists
* Fix for YT playlists
* Fix for YT updates

Saturday, 20th March 2010
* added autoupdate script