Facebook Improved Notifications

By Sholto Last update Jul 30, 2010 — Installed 3,232 times.

Script Summary: This script removes the repeated links in the notifications menu.

Version: 1.9.1

---- Chancelog ----
Version 1.9.1 - New notifications are marked in blue (and this blue doens't fade)
Version 1.9 - Updated to work with last facebook changes - 22/7/2010
Version 1.8 - Updated to work with new types of notifications - 7/7/2010
Version 1.7.1 - Clean up of commented old things
Version 1.7 - Fixed Problem Searching for repeated links (This error caused the script to analise the first links, not all of them).
Version 1.6 - Fixed problem on notifications page (www.facebook.com/notifications.php) See below
Version 1.5 - Fix to work with New Notifications way. Now, the script uses attributes.getNamedItem("data-uri") instead of searching for all links.
Version 1.2 - Scripts now waits for the list to be completely loaded, instead of waiting a specific time (added precambiar(), that waits for the dissapearence of the loading img.parentnode, instead of a window.setTimeout(cambiar, 1000); )
Version 1.1 - Fixed. Now works (Error with identifing profile links from others, in notifications) - 21/4/2010
Version 1.0 - First version - 12/3/2010

The function of this script is to remove the Repeated notifications of the notification menu.

For example: When your many of your friends comment the same foto, you get one notification per comment, this script deletes them and only leaves the newest notification of each photo, wall message, etc etc.

------- IMPORTANT ------- [FIX ver 1.6]
It only works in the notification menu, not in the notification page: http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php !!
Now, in the notification page, only repeated notifications of the box are removed, the notifications of the page are not modificated. This is done it on purpose.. If it is prefered that all the repeated notifications to be removed, please say it. And i'll implement that function.