StumbleUpon Review Formatter

By dirtbagbubble Last update Apr 8, 2010 — Installed 803 times.

Script Summary: Adds line breaks to the posts on the review pages. An additional option restores the original posts on the review pages, including images, colors, fonts etc.

Version: 0.8

License: Freeware - (c) 2010 by dirtbagbubble (at yahoo dot com). Use it and learn from it as you please. I'd appreciate some credits if you're going to use larger portions of this script in your own work :-)

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The posts on a stumble's review page are a little hard to read since line breaks are not displayed. This extension adds line breaks to the reviews and increases readability of the review pages.

An additional option can even restore the original posts on the review pages, including all HTML formattings like fonts, colors, links and images, so you can see other users' reviews the way they are meant to be seen.

Since the review formatter loads the original reviews from the according users' blogs this is counted by the SU homepage as visits of these users' blogs. So by viewing a single reviews page you effectively visit ten different users at once.


"Twitterizes" User Names

This extension applies links to user name references that are formatted like:

@dirtbagbubble: Hi there!

Such "Twitter"-style occurences with an at-sign followed by the user name are formatted as links that point to the user's profile page.

Transforms URLs Into Clickable Links

URLs like "" are automatically transformed into clickable links. (Only if "full restore mode" is turned off)

This extension features the "Full Restore Mode" which fetches the original review posts containing all the stuff like links, HTML formattings and images and inserts them into a stumble's review page.

For turning on/off that mode you need to click the green button "Restore original reviews" that is added to the "Reviews of the site" header.

Click that button again for turning off the "Full Restore Mode". The current state of that mode is permanently saved, so you don't have to click that button every time you visit a reviews page.

v0.8 - Bugfix. Review Formatter didn't work on random pages. That's fixed, now.
v0.7 - Added SUA-tag filtering for new "Scribble" tags.
v0.6.1 - SUA-tag filtering improved. Automatic updater improved, when ran in parallel to StumbleUpon Annotator.
v0.6 - Filter for [SUA] tags implemented.
v0.5 - Automatic update checker added.

  • Optionally restores the original reviews
  • Makes line breaks visible
  • Adds links to user name references
  • Transforms URLs into links
  • Adds a "Groups" link to the main navigation bar
  • Renames "Add site" button to "New Post"