Google Reader Search

By Casell Last update Jan 11, 2007 — Installed 7,578 times.

Script Summary:

Adds a search box in Google Reader.

Now you have 2 input and 1 select.

The defaults values are in these 3 variables:

MAXNEWS -> Max news to search on

xmltimeout -> timeout for the cache in ms

sortOrder -> 'm' -> auto; 'n' -> newest; 'o' -> oldest

-Future plan is to add textboxes to modify these parameters within the page and to get the UID directly from the page- DONE

Future now is to add error control for the input boxes

Feel free to tell me other google reader servers (e.g. ) I'll add them to the script

+Fixed hardcoded URL+

+Added italian servers+

+Search is now case-insensitive and is a regexp, if you want to search an entire word add a space at the begin and one at the end+