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Script Summary: Provides additional search options and functions for IMDb.

Version: 2011.04.28

Copyright: 2010-2012 Chicago_gangster (

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0,

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The script is outdated as of the summer of 2013. You need to UNINSTALL it if it's already installed, and DON'T install this version until I've updated it.


Most of these functions can be turned on/off on your Search Preferences page after installing the script.
In order not to waste memory, only turn on the functions that you really need.

  • Search category alternate shortcut keys
    IMDb already supports some shortcuts (as mentioned in this guide). For example, if you're searching for a title, you can add tt: to the beginning (or :tt to the end) of your query to restrict your search to titles (example: tt:james dean). This script enables alternate shortcuts that are easier to use and enables shortcuts for all 10 categories in the main search form. You can use the equals sign instead of the colon and omit the second letter, i.e. make 2 keystrokes instead of 4 (example: t=james dean). Here is the full list:

    ep:ep=e=TV Episodes
    ft:IMDb Features

  • Automatically set focus on the search boxes after selecting the search category
    This function is always on. It currently supports the main search form and the Title/Name Text Search forms on the Advanced Search and Text Search pages.

  • Automatically set focus on the main search box when the page loads
    This one is optional because many people scroll using the keyboard (Space, Shift+Space, Page Down, Page Up, which don't work if focus is set on a text field), which is much more convenient, not the mouse. However, I still turn it off on the (long) update pages of titles/names to enable easy scrolling by pressing Space. I also turn it off on pages that autoscroll down because setting focus on the main search box will make the page scroll back to the top.

  • Refinement by Title Type in Two People Working Together forms
    Adds title type filters in the relevant forms (Collaborations, Credited With), which makes it possible to get, for instance, the otherwise inaccessible list of feature films with Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, without all those irrelevant TV episodes, award ceremonies, etc.

  • Refinement by Cast/Crew Job in Advanced Search forms
    Adds job filter in all relevant search forms (Advanced Title/Name Search, Collaborations, Overlaps, Credited With).
    Usage examples:
    Titles with Quentin Tarantino as actor & Robert Rodriguez as director
    People from the Chicago (2002) Cast with biography containing "Broadway"
    (This is going to be implemented by IMDb too.)

  • Include any Company or user List in Advanced Search
    The Advanced Title Search form includes only the major companies. You can include any company by clicking this script-created link in the top-right corner of any company page: "Advanced Title Search with this company" [screenshot]
    Same with Lists. The Advanced Title/Name Search forms include only your own lists but the script allows to include any public list.

  • Include / exclude public My Movies lists in Advanced Title Search
    For example, if you know that your friend or another message boards poster has a good taste, you may want to refine their public list with the Advanced Title Search to generate recommendations for yourself.
    Copy & paste the URL of the list into the "include" or "exclude" input field.

  • Adult genre in Advanced Title Search
    Its presence in the form will depend on the corresponding setting in your Search Preferences.
    (This is going to be fixed by IMDb too.)

  • Hide details in Advanced Search results
    Adds a checkbox on the Advanced Search results pages for hiding/showing the plots/biographies, posters/headshots and other details. This is similar to the "Compact" display mode but retains the star bar.

  • Link back to forms from Advanced Search results
    Adds links to the related search forms in the right-hand side column of Advanced Search results pages.

  • Import Advanced Title Search results into My Movies
    Enables a button for adding all titles displayed on the current page to your My Movies.
    Read this information before using it.

  • Search for characters that don't have IMDb pages
    Option to include "pageless" characters in search results (Smithee vs Smithee).
    (To achieve the same thing without a script, search for the character, then click "Characters" in the "More searches" box on the search results page.)

  • Film Glossary search / jump to term
    Adds a form on the Film Glossary page with two buttons for searching it in Google or directly jumping to the term or the letter page. Clicking the "Jump to term or letter" smart button will attempt to find and jump to the right page and the right paragraph by using a special algorithm. So typing, for example, "Franchise" will properly redirect to "Series" (AKA: "Franchise") since it doesn't have a separate definition on the [F] page. Typing a single letter (and pressing Enter) will simply open the corresponding letter page.


Known issues

If the "Adult genre" or "Refinement by Cast/Crew Job" options are on, refreshing the Advanced Title Search form or returning to it with the browser's Back button changes the selected options. For example, if "Production Status" was set to "Released", it switches to the next option, "Post-production". The "Your Ratings" radio button also switches in a similar manner. So if you returned to the form to modify the parameters and resubmit the search, you may not notice these changes and submit a wrong search query.
Don't refresh the form (you may reload it with Ctrl+F5, though) and don't return to it with the Back button.
If you need to use it again, visit it anew via the link in the right-hand side column.
I don't know why it's happening so I can't fix it right now, but I'll remove those options when IMDb implements them. Also, I hope you won't need to return to the form to modify parameters when IMDb implements on-the-fly refinement.

Recent Updates

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