Automatic for HootSuite

By theRamenNoodle Last update Mar 2, 2010 — Installed 9,545 times.

Script Summary: Automatically replaces URLs with URLs after you type them into or HootSuite. This uses a default API unless you specify a personal one through the Greasemonkey Menu.

Why would you want this script?

Although links are's default, wouldn't you like to use your personal API so you can see all your shortened URLs in your account? Then this script is for you!

Are you frustrated with HootSuite's service being the only URL-shortener they offer? Then this script is for you!

To use, simply install and type or paste a URL into's or's update area. The URL will automatically be replaced.

Your personal API

To use your personal account, right click on the Greasemonkey icon > User Script Commands... > Enter my own API settings.

If you already have a account, find your personal API here.

Like the script?

This script builds on the now retired Twitter Auto Replace URL with URL. I updated his script a little, and then built my own extra needs on top.

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Version history

1.1 beta 1: Added support for Pro domains
1.0.2: Fixed HootSuite URL so "dashboard#" would work—for real this time.
1.0.1: Fixed HootSuite URL so "dashboard#" would work.
1.0: launched on February 18, 2010