Expand Cagle Cartoon Images on Beta Bloglines

By Mike Soh Last update Apr 13, 2010 — Installed 121 times.

Script Summary: This script will expand Cagle's editorial cartoons within Bloglines Beta.

Version: 0.5

Cagle provides an RSS feed to view political cartoons. However, the feed provides thumbnails of the cartoons and not the full-sized image. You had to click the thumbnail to view the full image. Now, they will load automatically.

This script is designed to work with the bloglines.com RSS aggregator. The script is released on the GPL license so that you may modify the script for your own RSS reader.

How to use it

Install this script like you would any other Greasemonkey script. Once installed, point your browser to http://beta.bloglines.com. Log in if necessary. After the page loads, click settings at the upper-right corner of the page. At the bottom of the settings page, you will see a drop down. Select the folder your Cagle cartoons are in. Once selected, the settings will save immediately and you can now click any of your Cagle feeds.

This script will require you to put all of your Cagle feeds in one specific folder. While not necessary, it is recommended that the specific folder only contains Cagle feeds. Otherwise, the script will take up time and resources when it executes. Limiting the script to one folder prevents the script from executing until it's necessary.

Why is there a delay between when I click the feed and when the images load?

Outside of network delays, there is a 3-second timeout between the click and when the script executes. This is was done because of the way that Bloglines populates it's content. All of the content is dynamically inserted. Waiting 3-seconds allows Bloglines to populate the window with the feeds. If you'd like, you can change this value by modifying the wait variable. But I cannot guarantee that the script will continue to work correctly.

Change Log

0.5 (13 Apr 2010)

  • MODIFIED: Script now uses XPATH instead of 'getDocumentBy' to aid efficiency.
  • STILL AN ISSUE: For some reason, the script will execute twice. I think this is because of how Bloglines has the window set up. I'm looking into this.

0.4 (1 Mar 2010)

  • ADDED: Affected feeds now look cyan. If the feed does not look cyan, you may need to reload the page.
  • MODIFIED: Script will only activate if a feed has been selected in the options menu.
  • MODIFIED: Fixed a spelling error.

0.3 (18 Feb 2010)

0.2 (17 Feb 2010)

  • ADDED: If the feed shows no new items, clicking "Show all items" will trigger the script.

0.1 -- Initial Release (17 Feb 2010)