Ikariam Search

By AubergineAnodyne Last update Jan 14, 2011 — Installed 79,403 times.

Script Summary: Lets you search for islands, cities, players, etc. from in game using www.ika-world.com.

Version: 0.27

Updated version of Ikariam Search with a couple minor bug fixes. The search/world display should work on all worlds.

Version History

  • 0.26 Fix for recent ika-world domain redirect.
  • 0.25 Added ref parameter to ika-world requests.
  • 0.24 Added tr.ikariam.com domain mapping.
  • 0.23 Added en.ikariam.com domain mapping.
  • 0.22 Fixed to work with www.ika-world.com changes.
  • 0.21 Fixed .pt and other a couple other domains that were not fixed in the previous go-around.
  • 0.20 Added a less hacky fix for ikariam domain changes. Fixed misspelled url.
  • 0.19 Added hack to deal with ikariam.it domain is now it.ikariam.com. Made the script work with test worlds and speed server worlds (haven't tested speed server yet).
  • 0.18 Added hack to deal with ikariam.com domain is now us.ikariam.com (maybe different in other parts of the world?)
  • 0.17 Fixed a small display issue with appearance of "Add Side 1" and "Add Side 2" buttons.
  • 0.16 Added "war planning" mode. Use the "Add Side 1" or "Add Side 2" buttons to display two sides on the map, one in red and one in yellow. Also implemented some island data caching.
  • 0.15 Added "world view search" quicklinks alongside all plain search quicklinks.
  • 0.14 Made search iframe scrollable horizontally (otherwise it's hard to use). Updated about dialog.