Financial Times Free articles Hack

By dmn001 Last update Mar 25, 2011 — Installed 69,669 times.

Script Summary: Read Financial Times articles using this script.

Thanks everybody for using my script i really appreciate the number of people who have used and benefited off something that I wrote. I stopped reading ft about 6 months ago, and then firefox 4 came and broke my script! This code is therefore no longer being maintained. - you can use your iphone or ipad to view all articles in ft. Currently the articles are unrestricted and unlimited - but they may limit articles in future. You can still try the cookie fixer and googling the article title with the script disabled.


[NOTICE: disabled auto-click from google - I think it is a bug in ff4 with it using cached pages instead of GETing a new page - this is for all websites not just ]

Allows access to articles by redirecting content via google.

(If you get an infinite redirect click stop, clear the browser cache and cookies for and retry.)

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