Travian Auto Attacks (farm)

By Sholto Last update Feb 5, 2010 — Installed 24,354 times.

Script Summary: This script is used to do the farming attacks. You specify the troops and the citys you want to attack and the script does everything by itself.

----- Version 1.4 ------

  • Mayor Fix: Corrected an error on compmovtrop() (string to number variable error)
----- Version 1.3.1 ------
  • Minnor Fix: Corrected city id list bug, when you were doing the maximun amounts of attacks.
----- Version 1.3 ------
  • BugFix: Corrected error on redirecting after the 1 minute wait if you were doing the maximun amount of attacks.
----- Version 1.2 ------ ----- Version 1.1 ------
  • Now the scripts skips city's that no longer exists or if the city ID was wrongly copied.
  • Added a checker to see if you are not doing the maximun amount of attacks.
----- Version 1.0 ------
  • First version of Script

How to use the script

*First of all, you have to configurate the script. To do that open the greasemonkey "Script adminitrator" (right click on the greasemonkey icon, Administrate scripts; or something of the sort, in spanish it is "Administrar scripts"). Then, you mark this script (in the left column) and click "Edit" (in spanish it is "Editar") (If this doesn't open a notepad with the script follow this instructions using this as keyvalue: c:\windows\notepad.exe )

*Here you set up the troops you want to send in each attack (eg, is for germans)

  • TropasAtaque['1'] = 5 ; Luchador de porra
  • TropasAtaque['2'] = 0 ; Lancero
  • TropasAtaque['3'] = 0 ; Luchador de hacha
  • TropasAtaque['4'] = 0 ; Emisario
  • TropasAtaque['5'] = 0 ; Paladin
  • TropasAtaque['6'] = 0 ; Caballero Teuton
  • TropasAtaque['7'] = 0 ; Ariete
  • TropasAtaque['8'] = 0 ; Catapulta

(In this example the attack would consist of 5 Luchadores de porra.) For other civs, it's the same order. (Sorry, as I am an spanish speaker, i could only put the spanish names). The order is the one of this tables (you can replace .com, with your travian extension, e.g: .cl .us to see the names in your language)

*Then, the citys. here you have to put the city ID. To get the city id, you look the city on the map, enter to the city and look the link, and the id is the nombre after the "d=". Example: this is the link: the id would be 260812

  • ciudad['1'] = 260812;
  • ciudad['2'] = 260809;
  • ciudad['3'] = 261613;
  • ciudad['4'] = 262412;
  • ciudad['5'] = 258405;
  • ciudad['6'] = 258411;
  • ciudad['7'] = 262415;
  • ciudad['8'] = 260815;
  • ciudad['9'] = 262409;
  • ciudad['10'] = 256006;
  • ciudad['11'] = 259204;
  • ciudad['12'] = 264016;
  • ciudad['13'] = 258413;
  • ciudad['14'] = 259203;
  • ciudad['15'] = 260817;
  • ciudad['16'] = 261606;

You can add cities and remove them. To have less nombre of citys simple deleate the last line. Eg: here you would delete ciudad['16'] = 261606;, and then if you want less ciudad['15'] = 260817;. If you want more cities, simple add lines eg:

ciudad['17'] = ID;

and then:

ciudad['18'] = ID;

You can use this script to help you doing the city list

Here You finish the setup

*Now, when you enter travian the script will asked if you want to start travian attack. The script will start if you press the accept button. To stop the script go to the village page (the one with the resources, iron, hey/etc). And when the scripts ask you if you want to start, click on cancel.