Ikariam (Super)Market

By AubergineAnodyne Last update Feb 12, 2011 — Installed 60,965 times.

Script Summary: For those who like Ikariam to be like Walmart. Displays buy and sell orders for each resource together and allows quickly switching between resources without reloading the page.



Is your play style for Ikariam that of a trader? Do you thrive on arbitraging goods between other players? Do you find the trader interface to be difficult and time-consuming to use? Then this is the script for you. Quickly switch between all 10 buy/sell/resource combinations, without having to submit 10 page requests that take seconds to load apiece. And view both buy and sell orders for each resource at the same time so you can easily spot and act on arbitrage opportunities.

Please open a discussion if the script does not work for you or if you have ideas for improvements.

Version history

  • 0.05 Switched script namespace. Fixed a small bug in quickly updating viewed offers.
  • 0.04 Added support for pagination (when more than 10 offers for a resource are available). Clicking a pagination link will reload the data in the appropriate offer section.
  • 0.03 Added support for sorting, so any of the available sorting options can now be clicked and the page will reload with all offers sorted by that option. (Does anyone ever actually sort by anything other than price? I don't.)