iTunes AppTrackr Loading Page Integration

By fusen Last update Oct 15, 2012 — Installed 39,120 times.

Script Summary: Changes the iTunes Preview page to also include a link to AppTrackr, also stops iTunes from loading automatically

Version: 1.5.2

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Change Log/History

  • 15th October2012 Changed script to be run on https:// which is now the default for iTunes Preview.
  • 1st June2012 Updated to support the new AppTrackr domain extension, '.cd'.
  • 23rd June2011 Changed the script to check if the application is actually available on AppTrackr, if the application has been added then the link will show as normal, if it hasn't yet been cracked then the AppTrackr logo will be grayed out and not click-able.
  • 31st July Apple changed some of the HTML tags on their site which made the insertion of the AppTrackr logo not appear. This is now fixed and the script will work as normal again.
  • 14th April Just found the problem that made some applications not show the AppTrackr link. Using the current version of the script should give you a link on every app on the Preview site.
  • 11th April Added support for more subdomains that Apple now uses for Preview pages, also added more universal app ID detection.
  • 4th March Very minor update with how the script detects the iTunes ID, should support even more variations of links people use.
  • 23th February Added support for the old URL that some websites still use. You should always get a AppTrackr link now.
  • 4th February This script now supports the new iTunes App Store Preview website that Apple launched yesterday.


  • Adds a direct link to just below the application's icon.
  • Stops iTunes from automatically running when you view a iTunes Preview page