LibraryThing Amazon Image Highlighter

By brightcopy Last update Jun 13, 2012 — Installed 624 times.

Script Summary: Highlights any images (book covers, in theory) that have come from Amazon so they can easily be identified and replaced.

License: Public Domain

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Attempts to find any covers on the page that have been loaded from Amazon and draws a distinctive (configurable) border around them. The script actually searches all IMG tags on the page, including those added later through dynamic methods. It may not be able to find all Amazon images if the page is coded in such a way that the image is returned from a SRC that does not contain For example, the image thumbnails on the Add books search results screen will not be highlighted.

The goal is to make it easy to quickly scan through books and see which covers need to be replaced with user-provided ones.

Important Note: This is one of my more intensive scripts. It scans every single LibraryThing page and also reacts when the site dynamically creates content after the page loads. As such, it might not be a bad idea to turn the script off when not actively seeking to eliminate Amazon covers.