Move Reddit Buttons

By ictinus Last update Sep 20, 2011 — Installed 1,489 times.

Script Summary: Moves the Reddit buttons so that they are in a consistent position regardless of title length (vertical) or comment count (horizontal) changes. Which buttons to move is configurable in the script (useful for 'Compressed link display')

Version: 1.22

Updated: v1.22 20 September 2011, i be fixin. aargh, too late!
Updated: v1.21 11 July 2011, removed 'collapse' btn incomplete code.
Updated: 10 July 2011, added 'applyToComments' flag to allow comment buttons to remain untouched.
Updated: 19 November 2010, allowed each button to be moved or not.
Updated: 30 August 2010, don't process buttons when there are none.
Updated: 07 July 2010, prevent script running twice with exclude.
Updated: 03 Jul 2010, fixed button move in user comments. Added 'context' button to list of those moved.
Updated: 11 Jun 2010, CSS min-width specified to prevent hide shift.
Released: 16 May 2010, move buttons to the right of vote arrows.