Pixiv Translation Plus

By Couchy Last update Jul 3, 2013 — Installed 101,703 times.

Script Summary: English translation of pixiv with a handy tag selection interface. Forked from Better Pixiv Translation. (61162)

Version: 20130702


This is a new version of Pixiv Translation with a focus on adding usability enhancements in addition to updating and maintaining a list of translations.


Version 20130702 (07/02/13)
• Fixed menu not opening on Firefox 22
• Added a better method to export custom translations

Version 20130418 (04/18/13)
• Stop blocking all iframes as ads
• Stop using and delete localStorage if GM_setValue is available

Version 20130303 (03/03/13)
• Bug fix

Version 20130302 (03/02/13)
• Better Google translate
• Exclude message pages

Version 20130127 (01/23/13)
• Made the script run on pixiv clones. (nijie||tinami||seiga)

Version 20130123 (01/23/13)
• Fixed native install in Chrome (Tampermonkey is still recommended)
• Changed tag export method to hopefully avoid size limits/truncations
• Updated some ad-hiding and misc CSS.

Version 2012107 (12/10/12)
IMPORTANT- Now (mostly) works on dic.pixiv.net - Go to pixiv.net first to have your data transferred to dic.pixiv.net. Note: Custom tags can't be sync'd in real time between different domains.
• Removed page translations. (Switch to English if you haven't already.)
• Fixed bad logic causing transliteration to fail.
• Fixed some generally convoluted wonkiness.

Version 120926 (09/26/12)
• Restructured to translate things that get appended after page load. (Try Pixiv TagTips)
• Sync custom tags across tabs.
• Hide "showcase" when hiding ads.
• Probably lots of small things I can't remember.

Version 120302 (03/02/12)
• Newly added custom translations are translated on the page in realtime.
• Use safer save data loading to prevent crashes from corrupt data.
• Use simple caching when looping through nested tags. Things that do this (autocomplete, tag list) should be noticeably faster.
• Added a handful of translations and small kana.
• Removed deprecated arguments.callee reference.

Version 120126 (01/26/12)
• replaceWholeText method is being removed in Firefox - used something else instead.

Version 111120 (11/20/11)
• Fixed for new search page changes and made it less likely to break with future changes.
• Added translations for new search page.
• Removed updater. (Greasemonkey finally handles updates now.)
• Made jump skipper more reliable and other small optimizations.

Version 111025 (10/25/11)
• Fixed numeric catastrophe when hiragana or katakana transliteration was enabled.

Version 111024 (10/24/11)
• Fixed problem with tags containing numbers not translating.
• Remove the jump page from external links when ad hiding is enabled.

Version 110815 (08/15/11)
• CSS tweaks.
• Use requestAnimationFrame for opening/closing menu if possible.

Version 110711 (07/11/11)
• Added ability to import/export custom tags as text files. Trade files with your friends and catch em all! (Due to limitations, the files will not be saved with a txt extension)
• Fixed timing issue on Scriptish.
• Fixed visible highlighting actually not working in Firefox.
• More thorough ad hiding.
• Cleaned up Google translation tab for Firefox/in general.
• Removed/condensed some unnecessary code.

Version 110704 (07/04/11)
• Custom translation scrollbar fixed.

Version 110701 (07/01/11)
• Better menu.
• Preload some routine operations before the page loads. (Confirmed working on Scriptish and Tampermonkey/Chrome. Your Greasemonkey may need to be updated).
• Notification support for Scriptish and Tampermonkey.
• Added a button on the google translator to add to custom translations.
• New script icon and Scriptish/Tampermonkey metadata.
• Removed "show run time" option.
• Better ad hiding, made hiding ads optional.
• Visible highlighting fix is optional works on Chrome and FF.
• Notification support for Scriptish and Tampermonkey.
• Added "Touhou" and "Video Game" subcategories (WIP).
• Some tags edited for clarity/accuracy and updated page translations.

Version 110401 (04/01/11)
• Redone (but still unpolished) UI with many new options and features.
• Source is much more organized and readable, with less copypasta code.

Version 110208 (02/08/11)
A major rewrite is underway, so I decided to backport these changes in the meantime:
• Massive tag additions provided by Lioncash and others.
• Greatly simplified page translation by directly targeting text and value nodes instead of recursing the entire page document looking for them - cuts page translation time by more than half.
• Google translation now uses the official Google site instead of a third party - translation results should be instantaneous.

Version 101130 (11/30/10)
• Buttons now overlap menu/tag list, not vice-versa
• Hid Comic Market adspace.
• Made text highlighting visible.

Version 101026 (10/26/10)
• Rounded borders caused a glitch that made menu checkboxes disappear and were removed. (Firefox 4 bug?)
• Brought back menu and tag list buttons and placed them under the novels and events links.
• Resized tag boxes to better fit page.

Version 101007 (10/07/10)
• Minor searchbar redesign fix.
• Added occupation translations.

Version 100907 (9/07/10)
• Minor pixiv redesign fix.

Version 100809 (8/09/10)
• Custom translations have been lumped together with predefined tags and are available from the autosuggest dropdown box again.
• Changed tag-clicking function to remove the default searchbar text before inserting the tag.
• Interface cleanup.

Version 100802 (8/2/10)
• Redid page translations from scratch.
• Reformatted tag system so that: 1. Tags are always in memory and not tied to the tag list creation process, and 2: Tags are stored in a hierarchical data structure instead of a flat one, which allows for easy and flexible categorization in the tag list and autosuggest.
• Consequently, you can disable the tag list to approximately double the script's speed while still being able to use autosuggest.
• Fixed a bug that made adding more than 2-3 custom translations at a time result in glitchy duplicate entries.
• Interface and page styling has been changed a bit, but is still very much a WIP. Restyling it may take quite a bit longer than expected though, so yeah...

Version 100720 (7/20/10)
• Quick and ugly fix to make the previous version work on redesigned pixiv site. A proper update is being worked on.

Version 100529 (5/29/10)
• Remade menu with a big wad of innerHTML.
• User-defined translations can now be added and removed via the menu.
• Added a quick Google Translate interface to the menu.
• New option to display the script's execution time for speed benchmarking.
• All settings are now saved in localStorage and sessionStorage instead of cookies.
• Implemented a premliminary CSS to hide text ads and add style to common elements.
• Removed small kana from transliterator.
• New/fixed tag and page translations.

Version 100403 (4/3/10)
• Tags are real links once again. Opening them in a new tab via right click, middle click, ctrl click, etc. should work flawlessly now. (Thanks to Gabora for help with this.)

Version 100401 (4/1/10)
• Quick fix to make autocomplete behave a bit better in regards to tags with spaces and some special characters.
• Made tag list enabled by default.

Version 100331 (3/31/10)
• Made autocomplete work (buggily) for inputting multiple tags.
• Added document title translation for tags and search type. Good for convenient bookmarking.
• Middle clicking or Ctrl clicking tags now opens an instant search in a new tab.
• Internal change: objects are no longer assembled from massive strings.
• Added more tags and translations.

Version 100309 (3/09/10)
• Reformatted tag list as tables for easier clickability, added some highlighting shinies and tooltips that show the original Japanese.
• Added experimental autocomplete feature. With the tag list enabled, try typing the name of a translated tag in the search bar to see the results.
• Fixed formatting breakage on "view all related tags" page.

Version 100223 (2/23/10)
• Internal overhaul for a much less convoluted script. Before, the menu and tag list used an injected HTML script element and onclick attributes. Now the whole script is entirely self-contained and uses event listeners instead.
• Hid some new text ads that were slipping by the old ad filter.
• Bumped up default tag list height to 125px.
• Added some more tags.
• Fixed and added a few page translations.

Version 100211 (2/11/10)
• Fixed page slider that was broken by the previous update.

Version 100210 (2/10/10)
• New feature: Kana transliteration is available for as of yet words. Enable it in the options menu. I recommend enabling only katakana for the best readable-to-gibberish ratio, but you can try hiragana as well. I've also released this feature as a separate userscript for use on other Japanese sites.
• Fixed Yahoo and Amazon link removal.
• Added a few new tags.

Version 100202 (2/2/10)
• Enhanced compatibility with Endless Pixiv Pages. Now this script doesn't run needlessly every time a new page is appended. (Thanks to Mango for pointing this out.)
• Now you can play around with the tag list height without refreshing the page.
• Speedup when browsing with the tag list enabled.

Version 100131 (1/31/10)
• A few minor intuitive changes: The menu link now works exactly like the show/hide tag list link, the menu now closes upon saving settings, and tag insertion now spaces only where necessary and puts the text input cursor on the search bar.
• Added translations for the abuse report page.
• Added a few new tags. (I haven't bothered to update the text file this time; I mostly just wanted to get this out before working on the next major feature.)

Version 100126 (1/26/10)
• Added a small options menu that can be accessed from a link in the center of the gray login menu bar at the top of the page (I've never seen this space used for anything before, but if it is, please tell me ASAP.)
• In the new options menu, there are options to enable and disable the tag list, page translations, and tag translations, and to set the tag list height. You can enable all for the Pixiv Translation Experience, disable all for speedy browsing, or mix-and-match to your liking.
• When the tag list is enabled, there's a quick show-and-hide link for it next to the options menu link.
• These settings are now stored as cookies, which will permanently save your settings, even between new tags and browsing sessions.
• Switched to a standardized web-safe font that should work for everyone
• Fixed and added translations for new manga mode
• Speed optimizations by caching frequently referenced elements and reorganizing code
• Replaced "「」" with "()" on tags with synonyms and alternate spellings (I thought parentheses were originally done like this because of a syntax quirk, but apparently not.)
• Moved update checker to the top of the script in case of breakage
• Added more tags
• Usual misc. edits

Version 100114 (1/14/10)
• Some page tweaks - namely, made the enable/disable buttons a little bigger, removed the useless Yahoo and Amazon links, and made the "Random Tag" link stay on one line.
• Added translations for the uploading page. (Thanks again to Atlantima)
• More revisions and corrections, especially to the edit profile page.

Version 100105 (1/5/10)
• Deuglified tag list with a Pixiv theme (see screenshot). Clickable and non-clickable elements now use the appropriate mouse cursor as well.
• Fixed bug that caused long tags in the popular tags area to push the enable/disable button into the search bar. Font in the popular tags area was made slightly smaller to make overflows a lot less likely, but as a precaution, the popular tags area has also been fixed in size so that overflowing tags will be clipped instead of messing up the page.
• More minor edits and additions
• Added a bunch of new tags (most courtesy of Atlantima)

Version 100103 (From Better Pixiv Translation) (1/3/10)
• Added tag selection lists (disabled by default)
• Created a function to easily add tags to both the user tag list and page translation list at the same time
• Disabled (seemingly useless) EventListener (For compatibility with Mango's Endless Pixiv Pages script)
• Stopped stuff in the search bar from being translated
• Misc proofreading and translation edits to tags
• Removed a few very obscure and/or unclear tags

Known Bugs

To Do

• Add new tags (suggestions are always welcome)
• Add misc. tweaks and improvements
• Add any new features I happen to think of or that users suggest


• If you use have the tag list enabled, keeping it hidden when not in use greatly decreases page rendering lag time.
• If you have a favorite tag defined in Pixiv Translation Plus, instead of searching for it in the tag list every time, try out the new autocomplete feature by typing it in the search bar. (Works as long as the tag list is enabled, regardless of whether it's hidden or not.)
• Kana transliteration (especially katakana) is useful when searching for characters, shows, games, and many English loanwords.
• I try to keep an updated text file archive containing all the currently translated tags in both English and Japanese. The latest version of this can be downloaded here.
You can help make this script better for everyone! If you have new tags you'd like to be added, translation corrections/clarifications, bug reports, or ideas for an awesome new feature, please PM me or post them in the one of designated threads above.


Credit goes to Kamichu for the original script, and to daisetsu, my fellow /d/eviants, and regular contributors for most of the translations and tags.