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Script Summary: NoDelay removes the delay in navigating to the download links on many upload sites, and is simple to configure to automate and customize the content of any web pages.

Version: 1.4.20100421.1

NoDelay automates the navigation to the download links on many upload sites by automating the non user processes, and only alerts the user when an actual user intervention is required to complete a task.
NoDelay also allows you to customize any part of a web site page, to add/remove/alter elements and in turn change the web site behaviour, via a small library of scripting commands in Javascript.
For example, removing the Ads and logos, remove the AdBlock checks if you use it, automate web actions, etc.
If you wish to check whether you have the latest version of NoDelay installed, then you could type either of the URI below in the address bar of your web browser, and this test will be performed.
If you would like additional links to be included, or wish to report any issues, please leave a comment and I will endevour to fulfil your request.
I would also be interested in the scripts you make for yourself as well, again please leave a comment.
The script should work in:
  • Firefox (install Greasemonkey first)
  • Google Chrome (no plug-in required)
  • Opera (no plug-in required)
  • Safari (install GreaseKit first)
  • Internet Explorer (install IE7Pro, download the script, change the extension to .ieuser.js, copy the file to c:\program files\iepro\userscript and enable the script in IE7Pro's settings dialog)
Note: You may need to enable Javascript for the web sites if you are using a different web browser than Firefox.
2006.11.24 - First release
2006.11.27-2007.05.30 - Site updates
2010.04.14 - Code and site list refactoring
2010.04.17 - fixed
2010.04.21 - corrected some issues related to unsafeWindow

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