RecordSearch Show Pages

By wragge Last update Aug 10, 2012 — Installed 509 times.

Script Summary: Shows the number of pages in a digitised file in the NAA's RecordSearch database.

Version: 0.22

16 September 2011 - Now working in Chrome!

If you're a user of the National Archives of Australia's RecordSearch database and are annoyed by having to click on the link every time just to see the number of pages in a digitised file then this userscript is for you!

It does what it says and not much more. The number of pages in the file is added to the file link. This works on both search results and item detail pages.

As an added bonus it also stops the digitised files from automatically opening in a new window (very annoying).

Eventually I'll integrate this with my other RecordSearch hacks, but for now just install and wonder at the magic...