4chan sounds

By Kamichu Last update Dec 23, 2009 — Installed 74,712 times.

Script Summary: Allows to post sounds in 4chan's boards.

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This script allows to listen to OGG sound files catenated with images that are posted on 4chan boards.

To post sound to 4chan:

1. Append text "[N]" and any ogg file to picture you're posting. On windows, this can be done with commands:
c:/> echo [1] >> image-file.jpg
c:/> type sound-file.ogg >> image-file.jpg
You need to execute both of them, replacing N with any digit; and image-file.jpg and sound-file.ogg with your files (instead of typing, you can just drag files into console window).

2. Include text [N] into your post.

3. That's it. People who have the extension installed will be able to listen to your sound by just clicking on the [N] link.

You need firefox 3.5 for this to work, since this script uses new HTML5 audio tag.