GMail Date Based Quick Search

By Arvind Satyanarayan Last update Dec 24, 2010 — Installed 1,390 times.

Script Summary: Adds a sidebar widget to GMail to allow quick date-based searches (e.g. Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week)

Version: 1.06

License: GPLv3

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Adds a widget to GMail's sidebar that allows you to quickly filter emails based on date. By default, provides "Today", "Yesterday", "This Week" and "Last Week" but you can add your own!

To add a new date-based filter, simply add a line to the dateWidget variable like so - before and after are offsets calculated from today's date, thus -1 is yesterday and +1 is tomorrow:

{'label': 'Tomorrow', 'before': 1, 'after': 0}