By ph7 Last update Nov 25, 2009 — Installed 2,477 times.

Script Summary: A greasemonkey script that ignores comments made in wordpress by certain users.

Version: 0.2.1

Copyright: 2009+, ph7 (

License: GPL version 3 or any later version;

The script uses a custom list of wordpress users.

When you visit a wordpress blog, it hides all the comments made by them and also any recent comment entry by these users.
It appears to work in both listed and threaded comment lists.
In threaded mode, only comments made by the blacklisted users are hidden. Replies belonging to other users will not be hidden.

You can edit the "plonklist" with the "Edit wordpress 'plonklist'" menu option in greasemonkey's menu.

The user match is not case sensitive.

In firebug console you can see statistics of the operation.

Required Firefox >=3.5 because of use of Selectors API.