unCloudedThinking 0.2.3

By Navid Zamani Last update Nov 30, 2009 — Installed 158 times.

Script Summary: Replaces retarded buzzwords, FUD and newspeak terms by the already existing proper words for them. As a bonus it adds some Unicode punctuation.

Just edit the script to edit the word list. (If you find that too hard, then what are you doing at a computer anyway? ^^)


0.2.3: Added: “[lL]obby” → “[bB]rib” (Newspeak)
0.2.2: Added: “[pP]irat” → “[dD]ownload” (RIAA/MPAA FUD)
0.2.1: Added: “([dD]emocrat|[rR]epublican)” → “$dummyParty[12]” (The difference is an illusion. They are both owned by the bribers [aka “lobbyists“])
0.2.0: Just added: “[cC]yber” → “[nN]etwork” (New economy buzzword and movie bullshit.)
0.1.0: Comes with: “[cC]loud” → “[cC]luster” (new economy buzzword) and “[hH]ack” → “[cC]rack” (media hostile takeover)