YouTube Googler

By MooGoo Last update May 11, 2009 — Installed 55,172 times.

Script Summary: Make YouTube more like Google Video

Makes YouTube videos look more like Google Videos. Basically, it puts the comments in a new tab on the side bar, and expands the video frame to take up as much space as possible, just like Google Video.

This is a total rewrite of the old version, and in fact much simpler. So it is not as slick as it used to be. There is no inline search, or popup stats box, all useful YouTube content is now shoved into the right sidebar. It's a little ugly, but it works! The new code should be more resilient to minor changes on YouTube that plagued the old version.

Big update, it has been awhile 05-11-2009

  • Added script update notification, checks once a day if enabled
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for toggling sidebar elements, you may modify the default keyboard shortcuts in the Sidebar section of the settings box
  • Added option to collapse the sidebar on loading of the video page; click the right grey line or press F to show it afterwards.
  • Added a handful of "?" next to non-obvious settings in the settings box. Hovering over them will popup a tip/hint.
  • Fixed a multitude of style problems and other cruft that has built up from months of YouTube meddling and lack of script maintenance. There might yet be more issues, let me know in comments and I will try to be more prompt in fixing them.

Another day, another update...01-20-2009

  • See below

Fixes 01-19-2009

  • Updated script to account for really subtle changes in the YouTube code, that is all.

Yet More Updates 12-17-2008

  • Added "Sidebar" section to the settings box. Allows you to selectively hide and reorder elements in the sidebar. Click on the checkbox to hide or show, click on the up or down arrows (that appear when you hover over the element id) to reorder.
  • Removed "Show title" option from settings, since its job has been taken over by the Sidebar section
  • Added "Restore Defaults" button

More Updates 12-09-2008

  • Brought back the YouTube header bar and search box yet again, it keeps escaping. This time it also changed how it looks, so adjusted styles to compensate
  • Moved user information and links to the top of the sidebar as suggested by Shinykirby
  • Added the "Watch in high quality" thing to the sidebar. Eventually a select box with all the quality options would be nice...
  • Added a Settings Dialog. It can be accessed by the small "s" button on the top-right of the sidebar. There are a few options:
    • Invert video resize axis: Moving the mouse up when in resize mode increases the size of the video, instead of decreasing it
    • Display video title: Displays the video title under the search box.
    • Prevent autoplay: Prevents autoplay of video with option to still buffer. The buffer option can be a little buggy, I've noticed sometimes the video starts playing anyways...
    • Sidebar width & Video size: These just complement the reszing of the video and sidebar with the mouse, just for fun

Updates! 10-08-2008

  • Brought back the YouTube header tab bar and search box, it managed to escape, but I captured it again.
  • Can now resize the side bar on the right. Hover your mouse over the border between the video and the sidebar, it should change to a resize cursor. Drag left-right to change the size of the sidebar, drag up-down to change the size of the video. These sizes are remembered and will remain for all videos until changed. (Tip! Hold SHIFT while dragging to only resize the video, or CTRL to only resize the side bar)
  • If you hover your mouse over the border between the video and the sidebar, and simply click, the sidebar will collapse to a thin grey bar on the right, giving a kinda fullscreen effect, click the thin grey bar to restore the sidebar.
  • Fixed some styles to make things look better
  • Script might work with Opera...