SU V4 Stumbler Icons

By Foresthippy Last update Nov 28, 2010 — Installed 1,939 times.

Script Summary: ForestHippy

Version: 0.15

Copyright: © John Mackay 2010

= Subscriber
= Subscription
= Mutual subscriber
= Mutual subscriber / Sharing

To bring icons up-to-date, and when running for the first time, click the "Update Icons" link:

I have marked two of the icons as "for now" since the theory is that you should only be able to share with mutual subscribers, come the big changeover.

A new feature of this script is the ability to select a stumbler to visit from an alphabetical list of your subscriptions in the sidebar:

28th Nov 2010 - added icons to review pages + now removes conflicting "official" subscription icon
29th Dec 2009 - added icon to stumbler pages showing their icon next to their name.
25th Nov 2009 - fixed multiple icon bug + added % indicator
17th Nov 2009 - added "visit a subscription" functionality
22nd Jan 2009 - minor formatting fix

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