Group Forum Menu

By the eNeME Last update Aug 8, 2011 — Installed 1,002 times.

Script Summary: Adds a menu for your private group forums to the Septagon by the groups link.

Version: 3.1

Changes the "Private Groups" link in the "My Profile" dropdown menu to a popout submenu containing links to the private forums of each of the groups you are a member of.

This script utilizes cookies to store the list to decrease load time and allow sorting of the list (the AJAX used to pull the forum links is asynchronous and cannot be sorted). The first time it is run, the menu is generated form the asynchronous AJAX and will not be in any specific order. On any subsequent page load, the menu will be generated from the cookie data and will be sorted prior to being displayed (and will load much faster).

As a side effect of using cookies, the list will not update when you join a new group or leave an old one until you clear your cookies and reload the page (CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE in most browsers).

Here is a picture of the Profile menu with the script active.

On first load, the list will be unsorted and, occasionally, have extra dividers in it depending on the order the AJAX calls return in.

After refreshing, however, the list will be alphabetized and formatted properly.