Twilight Heros Adventure Script (version 3.4)

By HR Last update Jul 20, 2010 — Installed 1,050 times.

Script Summary: Autoadventuring for TH - improved

A new version (branch) of the autoadventure script for

update for v3.1: you can no longer not use to log in... (anyone who insists, can modify the script themselves. Simply do a global search/replace to make it work with

Also... as mentioned elsewhere: ff3.5 is required. Don't send error reports if you're using an older version.

new for version 3.2: adventures that don't consume time don't count against the number of adventures to be run. also updated a 'maximum PP' test condition to work correctly

new in version 3.3.1: fixed some old nat-specific bugs (particularly, strategies involving changing items/skills didn't work properly when the option to tame existed. that's fixed now.) (also, fixed an annoying little syntax error that was rendering the script inoperable.)

new in version 3.4: added functionality for auto-decryption of data plates and for automatic IOU collection. (Specifically for the non-black box options, it is now possible to - after getting and possibly equipping the gear from the crime lab, and in the case of the cereal killer quest entering the area specified - start the script to use the day's turns, spending the minimum amount of time outside a selected area.) NOTE: if IOUs are being collected, you MUST set the 'adventure in' selection to the area you want to adventure in. (Even if you're using the black box, the collection of an IOU will trigger adventuring in the area specified in the selection menu. This might change in later versions.)

new for 3.4.1: nothing. It is, however, STRONGLY recommended that people update, as internal changes to the script make it friendlier to the server. Also, the old bug of entering a new combat before halting seems to be fixed due to this change.