BvS Arena Hotkeys

By Ren Po Ken Last update Aug 23, 2011 — Installed 2,064 times.

Script Summary: Press (h) for the complete list of hotkeys. Adds hotkeys for rebuyable Arena Rewards, as well as (F)ight and (P)urchase keys. Also displays Win Percentages for Today and Overall. Update (8/21/11): Added Chrome compatibility

Version: 1.5

----- The Text of the Help Menu -----

H: This Help Menu
W: Warrior's High
A: Arena Coupon
T: Trail Mix
I: MegaTrail Mix
R: Roll of Tickets
O: Monochrome Pheromone
E: Make-Out Mood Enhancer
M: Major Village Contract
N: Major Village Contract (Qty: 11)
P: Purchase Fights
Q: Quick Attack (Uses all your arena fight at once)

F or Space Bar or Enter: Attack other ninja

This Grease Monkey script was written by Ren Po Ken
Updated: 8/21/11