Word Count and Goal Tracker

By Arthaey Angosii Last update Jul 30, 2010 — Installed 1,837 times.

Script Summary: Shows word count of a Google Document; also allows working toward a goal (useful for NaNoWriMo, for example).

Version: 2.0.1

Copyright: Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@gmail.com>

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This script is based on glennji's original.

New Features

  • See your current word count.
  • Set your own word count goal.
  • Set your own start and end dates to get to your goal.
  • Set when the next day starts, for word count purposes.
    • For example, start calculating the next day's progress beginning at 5 AM rather than midnight, if you tend to stay up late writing.
  • See how many words per day you need to write by hovering over the word count.
  • Ignore comments that are in square brackets [like this] for word count.
  • Ignore Table of Contents, so your headings don't double-count.
  • Automatically jump to the end of the document when it opens.
    • If you usually scroll to the bottom to start writing where you left off, this option will save you a step!
  • Save settings per document.

Access the above settings by clicking on the word count. A settings dialog window will pop up.

Changes & Fixes

  • Show word count in menu bar as red/blue text.
    • In the original script, the word count is floating on the right, slightly overlapping the Save buttons, with a red background and white text.)
  • When you "win" (ie, reach your word count goal), the word count in the menu bar turns white with a green background.
  • Script runs on both http and https URLs, and on "Edit" URLs.
  • More accurate calculation of how many words you must write each day.
  • Trigger recount when clicking on File > Save.

Usage Recommendations

By default, this script will run on all your Google Documents. You probably only want it to run on your NaNoWriMo story, however. After you have installed this script, open the Greasemonkey script manager and remove all the "included pages" URLs. Add the URL for your specific document. Now the word count will only display on your story document.

You can also disable the goal tracking feature on a per-document basis via the settings.