Badge Borders Script

By Matthew Ammann Last update Apr 2, 2011 — Installed 2,324 times.

Script Summary: Adds colorful borders to badge icons based on their difficulty

Version: 1.4


This script replaces those boring tan borders on your badges with borders that are color-coded by difficulty.

Blue --> Easy
Medium --> Green
Red --> Hard
Impossible --> Black & Gold

You can easily swap the borders with any custom ones you desire. I've marked the place in the code you need to change in CAPS.

Version 1.4

  • Major code revamp. Much thanks to Brock Adams for helping me fix the script after it broke because of the Badge of the Day update.
  • Default impossible badge border changed to skeeful08's icon
Version 1.3
  • Fixed all badge pages affected by the major badge page change late last year
  • Added* to @include
  • Added* to @include
  • Faster - Default borders are embedded as data in the script, so no need to wait for an image-hosting server. See Kongregate thread for more details on how you can do this with custom borders.

Version 1.2
  • All badges will now load correctly (thanks, Ventero)

Version 1.1

Border Art: Sukasai (
Coding: Matthew Ammann, aka musicdemon (
Ventero (
Additional Support: The Impossible Is Nothing chat room