Facebook EZ Poke -- Version 2.0

By Mike Soh Last update Oct 19, 2006 — Installed 10,949 times.

Script Summary: Pokes don't require confirmation and don't load a new page. Based on Lukas Fragodt's EZ-Poke. Updated October 19, 2006. A brief changelog is available on the script's userscripts.com website. This script is licensed under the GNU Public License Version 2.0 and is distributed without warranty.

Facebook EZ Poke is originally based on Lukas Fragodt's EZ Poke script. I've updated the code to better detect the confirmation page.

2.0 (10/19/2006):

  • Modified regular expression for post_form_id to better capture the confirmation code.
  • Better error messages.
  • Added the search page to the list of @includes