Instapaper Threestyled

By ElasticThreads Last update May 19, 2010 — Installed 9,920 times.

Script Summary: Applies a modern interface to the Instapaper website. Provides supports for a folders view. UPDATE: Threestyled works with both Instapaper Text Engines now.

Version: 1.80

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Instapaper Threestyled is optimized for a full-browser view. Folders float along the right side of the page. For a Fluid-style menu bar app, use Instapaper Threestyled Narrow.

UPDATE: Threestyled works with both Instapaper Text Engines now.

For a more restrained style try Instapaper Greystyled

There's two versions of Instapaper Greystyled. One for normal browsers here:

and one for fluid that lets you set up a folders only view in a browsabrowsa sidebar.

Instapaper Threestyled:

Builds off the excellent Instapaper Restyled ( Main difference is that it adds
support for folder views. To access them, set a tab/window/sidebar (i.e. Fluid's Browsa plugin) to ''
all other URLs will hide the folder views.

Instapaper Threestyled makes a handful of other style choices, but the folder view is the main addition.

For recommended Fluid preference settings, for the folders view, see the screenshot.

UPDATE -- fixed an issue where the folders view had an ugly footer if you didn't have enough folders.

UPDATED -- 10/22 restyled it a bit more.

Update 10/27 Fixed issue where the Read Later folder (in the folders view) would not be in the right place. It should be fixed now.

Update 11/5 Used Google Closure to optimize the script