Facebook keyboard navigation

By Droll Troll Last update Oct 16, 2009 — Installed 2,758 times.

Script Summary: Navigate around Facebook using your keyboard.

This script allows you to navigate around Facebook using your keyboard. Sixteen shortcuts are currently implemented but it is very easy to extend or modify the mappings any way you like. With the constant changes to the Facebook UI, this script gives you a consistent method for accessing various features.

To do so, you will need to know the URL target for the desired page. Then, add an entry in the array key_map using the form "key_stroke" : "url_target". You cannot have multiple entries for the same keystroke.

Add http://www.facebook.com/* and https://register.facebook.com/* to the list of "Included pages" in the GreaseMonkey UI.

The default script has the following key mappings. The keystrokes are case insensitive.

A - Edit application settings
B - Go to list of birthdays
C - Go to photos
D - Find friends
E - Go to your list of events
F - View the list of all your friends
G - Go to groups
H - Go to your home page
I - Go to the message Inbox
L - Go to your links page
M - Send a message
N - Go to your notes
P - Go to your profile page
S - Edit your account settings
T - Go to Notifications page
V - Edit your privacy settings