Google Reader Search

By JohnM Last update Oct 14, 2006 — Installed 3,449 times.

Script Summary: Lets you search using Google's blogsearch directly from Google Reader

Adds a search box at the top of every reader page to search either the feed, or all blogs.

To search a feed, you must be reading that feed. If you are reading a group of tags, all items, or something else, this script will search all blogs(And I mean all blogs, not just what you have subscribed to)

The search returns the first 100 results and shows them right on the reader page, looking similar to how posts look in expanded view.

This isn't able to search multiple feeds, or folders because blogsearch doesn't support searching in multiple sites. If anyone knows of a blog search that does, please let me know.

Some feeds might not return any results, this is just because blogsearch hasn't indexed it. Its better than nothing though.