Google Secure Pro

By contarc Last update May 22, 2010 — Installed 83,076 times.

Script Summary: Forces Google products to use (https) secure connection. Compatible with all browsers with UserJS/GreaseMonkey: Opera, Chrome, Safari. Supported: Search, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Reader, History, Bookmarks, Groups, Knol, Notebook, Webmasters, Voice, Contacts & Finance.

UPDATE: 4/10/07 : Added support for Google Reader.
UPDATE: 5/02/07 : Added support for Google History and Google Bookmarks.
UPDATE: 5/09/07 : Added support for iGoogle.
UPDATE: 5/10/07 : Removed iGoogle. Noticed it won't allow user to search from the SSL iGoogle. Researching workaround..

UPDATE: 3/24/08 : Added support for Google Groups
UPDATE: 7/24/08 : Added support for Google Sites
UPDATE: 10/04/08: Added support for Google Knol
UPDATE: 02/04/09: Added support for Google Notebook & Google Webmasters
UPDATE: 05/17/09: Added support for Google Voice & Google Contacts
UPDATE: 05/18/09: Added wildcard for TLD so it works with all google domains.
UPDATE: 05/19/09: Changed code from regex to subscript (thanks JoeSimmons)
UPDATE: 11/01/09: Changed code so page doesn't get refreshed if it is already HTTPS (thanks Bob3333). Also added Google Finance & fixed Google Webmasters.
UPDATE: 11/29/09: Fixed small bug with Google Finance.
UPDATE: 12/04/09: Added Google Dictionary
UPDATE: 05/22/10: Added Google Search and TLD fix (thanks Agantha)