Tumblr Life

By yksk Last update Mar 8, 2012 — Installed 131,474 times.

Script Summary: Extends Tumblr Dashboard

Version: 1.0 Pre 10

License: MIT License

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This is preview version. Find a problem? Let me know.

Works With

  • Google Chrome 16
  • Safari 5 + GreaseKit 1.8
  • Firefox 9 + Greasemonkey 0.9.13
  • Opera 11


  • Adds quick reblog menu
  • Adds links to text, photos, quotes and others to "Dashboard" menu
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts

    Press a J/K key to move between entries then:

    ALlike, unlike (Tumblr supports by default it)
    Qreblog (add to queue)
    Wreblog (private)
    Ereblog manually